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Cannabis Jobs 101: What is a Certified Cannabis Educator?

In our last Cannabis Jobs 101 post, “What is a Certified Cannabis Health Coach?”, we got into all of the details of cannabis coaching and the Certified Cannabis and Health Coach program: what it is, why it’s awesome, and how to get started.

Today, we’re diving into CCI’s other flagship program that can lead to an insanely fun and interesting cannabis job, the Certified Cannabis Educator Program.

If those two job titles sound too similar to you, fear not. In this post, we’ll explain exactly what a Certified Cannabis Educator is, why it is ALSO awesome, and what becoming a Certified Cannabis Educator can do for you. 

Stayed tuned for an upcoming post where we’ll run a head-to-head comparison of both the Certified Cannabis and Health Coach and Certified Cannabis Educator programs, so you’ll know exactly which one is the right fit for you.

What is a Certified Cannabis Educator?

A Certified Cannabis Educator is highly trained in how and why cannabis works, the different types of cannabis, the different ways to take the plant, and even the history of this magical herb. Plus, you’re taught how to convey that knowledge into accessible content for a broad audience. 

Certified Cannabis Educators create unique educational content like blogs or articles. They make YouTube videos, host workshops, or incorporate their expertise into their existing careers, like budtenders, nurses, wellness professionals, and more.

Although we’ll go into more detail comparing the ways in which a cannabis educator is different from a cannabis coach in a later post, one fundamental difference is that cannabis coaches are trained extensively in conducting one-on-one coaching relationships with clients and making specific recommendations regarding dosing and timing of cannabis products.

Certified Cannabis Educators are focused on providing general cannabis education to the public. 

If working directly with individual clients calls to you, check out our Certified Cannabis and Health Coach program. But if you’re looking for a broader approach, a Certified Cannabis Educator might be the cannabis job you’ve been searching for.

Why should you become a Certified Cannabis Educator?

Do you love the cannabis plant and want to shout it from the rooftops? 

Are you passionate about putting accurate, trusted information about cannabis into the world to fight the stigma and stem the tide of cannabis misinformation? 

You can do all of this and more as a Certified Cannabis Educator. 

As a Certified Cannabis Educator, you can confidently provide the most up-to-date, factual information about CBD, THC, and all of the other glorious components of the cannabis plant because you’ll be getting the best cannabis education in the industry. 

If you love cannabis but have had trouble sifting through the mountain of cannabis misinformation, the CCEP program is your shortcut to easy-to-understand, accurate information you can trust, and can use to help others understand the benefits of the cannabis plant.

The Certified Cannabis Educator Program (CCEP)

Your CCEP education includes modules on what cannabis is, what compounds it contains, how it works in the body, the many ways you can take it, and more. 

With each lesson, you’ll complete a quiz to test your knowledge and action steps to practice creating the EXACT kind of cannabis education content that you’ll develop once you graduate. 

Join the twice-monthly calls focused on ensuring you understand both cannabis science and how to get this information out into the world.

You’ll get individual feedback on each piece of content from expert Graduate Mentors who have their own cannabis education businesses and genuinely want you to succeed.

When you’re done with the program, you’ll receive your Certified Cannabis Educator certificate and can immediately begin sharing your expertise with the world. 

But your support doesn’t end there. 

You will continue to have access to all of your course modules forever, as well as SUPER valuable access to an incredible community of Cannabis Coaching Institute graduates in monthly calls and an online community.

The grad community shares resources, gives feedback on business and content ideas, provides encouragement, and is a network of diverse and passionate people doing so many amazing things to provide cannabis education to the world.

Day in the Life: What does a Certified Cannabis Educator do?

As covered in our post about what Certified Cannabis and Health Coach graduates are doing, CCEP graduates are doing SO. MANY. amazing things with their careers. 

Certified Cannabis Educators create articles, videos, podcasts, and social media content that informs and entertains. They host workshops and events, speak on panels, and write books.

Cannabis education can be your full-time career or your side hustle. There are CCI grads who are doing it all.
Here are the stories of just a few recent CCI grads. They come into the program with a range of interests, and they leave CCI ready to make all kinds of changes in the hearts and minds of the people they educate.

How To Ditch Low-Paying Cannabis Jobs and Start Your Very Own Cannabis Education Business Instead

The CCEP curriculum includes an “Open for Business” module that walks you through how to create an LLC, how to start with a payment processor, how to build a simple website, how to start an email list, and how to create marketing materials. 

It also includes an outstanding, detailed module on how to become a freelance writer on cannabis topics run by none other than the best-selling author of “Weed Mom,” Danielle Simone Brand!!

But the beauty of the CCEP education is that our creative grads constantly think of innovative ways to apply it. This industry is so NEW. As cannabis becomes legalized across the country and the world and the industry grows, millions of jobs with cannabis are being created, many of which have never existed before. 

Our grads (including YOU, hopefully!) are designing what THEY think Certified Cannabis Educators can and will do. 

So while CCI provides resources to shape your cannabis education career, there is no mold to stuff yourself into. You get to envision the life you want and craft your cannabis education business to match.

That’s freedom.

I’m in! Where do I start?

First of all, CHEERS to you for investing in yourself and your cannabis education. Whatever road you choose to follow (OR blaze yourself!), you will be armed with everything you need to succeed.

We can’t wait to see you there and how you’ll learn and grow during the program, and we are so excited to see what you’ll do once you graduate. 

Click HERE to register for the CCEP program today!

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Guest blogger and proud CCI graduate Kate Johnson, JD is a Certified Cannabis Educator, Certified Cannabis & Health Coach, and the founder of Your Kush Coach. Cannabis has been her lifeline in managing the symptoms of Complex PTSD, and now she’s dedicated her life to helping people feel better with this magical plant. Your Kush Coach helps people curious about CBD and THC find their cannabis fit through practical advice and quality product recommendations. Get in touch! yourkushcoach.com


Kate Johnson

Your Kush Coach helps people curious about CBD and THC find their cannabis fit through practical advice and quality product recommendations. Get in touch! yourkushcoach.comView Author posts

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