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What are the best weed jobs?

The weed industry is filled with a variety of cannabis jobs, ranging from working in a dispensary to becoming a cannabis scientist. Some of the best weed jobs are in the areas of cannabis marketing and sales, cannabis coaching and consulting, dispensary management, cannabis cultivation, cannabis extraction and edibles production. There are many opportunities in the cannabis industry and with proper cannabis training, you can be a part of it. Whether it’s your goal to explore weed jobs like cannabis marketer, cannabis educator, or cannabis coach we can help you get there. Our cannabis educator training program covers everything from the business aspects of weed careers from cannabis business planning, laws and regulations, medical use cases and more. We also offer cannabis business coaching as part of our programs so you can learn how to network in the cannabis industry and land your first weed job. Most weed jobs require cannabis job training and many of them require cannabis business training, which we specialize in here at the Cannabis Coaching Institute. Read the posts below to explore weed jobs in depth.    
cannabis jobs

What are the Best Cannabis Jobs in California in 2023

From teaching and growing to budtending and sales, many paths can lead to successful cannabis careers. In this post, let’s take a look at how the pros and cons of five different cannabis jobs in California so you can get your job search started off on the right foot.