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Now it’s time to help others do the same.

Our Next 4 Month Course Begins on October 1st!

Times are changing and the results are in:
Cannabis changes lives.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how or why cannabis works.

What if you could be the person to help bridge the gap between cannabis and health?

What if you woke up every morning knowing that you were going to change someone’s life?

We can show you how to get there.


Ditch your day job and enter a career in cannabis and health:

1. Decide to help others get healthier using cannabis

2. Follow our step by step 16 week signature program to get educated and certified

3. Get personalized support to ensure your success


Download your guide to becoming a cannabis coach

Starting a cannabis business can be confusing, frustrating and downright scary.

But if you know working with this plant is for you, there is a different way.

Find out How.

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    your cannabis destiny is calling. It’s time to answer the phone.

    Start a career today in the cannabis wellness industry 

    1. Gain freedom - work when you want, where you want, making the income you want 

    2. Be at the forefront - be a leader in the growing cannabis industry 

    3. Find purpose - help others get healthier through cannabis