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CCI Grad Profile: Melanie combines her drug and alcohol counseling background with her love of cannabis.

Meet Melanie Henry

Certified: Cannabis Educator

Graduated: March 2022

Location: St. George, Utah

cannabis educator melanie henry

Background and Qualifications:

I have a degree in Drug and Alcohol Counseling. I have been a Reiki Master since 2005. I was co-owner of H&H Candy Co. with my daughter. We made medicated candy for dispensaries in Oregon. 

Now, my entire immediate family works in the Cannabis industry, so I have a unique perspective and education when it comes to this plant. I have been involved in almost every aspect of the processing of cannabis.  

Why are you a Cannabis Educator? 

I am a Cannabis Educator because cannabis saved my life.

I want to help people who are ready to make a change in their lives and find health and happiness while supporting their bodies, minds, and spirits. 

How has cannabis impacted your life?

Cannabis saved my life! I came to plant medicine in the most interesting way after a long, painful health battle.

I was in a car accident and experienced a traumatic back injury. I had four major back surgeries and still had bulging discs and debilitating pain. Nothing I was doing was helping.

Despite this, I completed my degree and began working in the Drug and Alcohol Counseling world. I was passionate about helping people quit these harmful substances. I loved my job.

But I was still having significant back pain. After a major flare-up, the doctor told me that within a year, I wouldn’t be walking. All they could do for me was to put me back on the prescription pain medications that I had worked so hard to get off of. 

It crushed my soul! I was hopeless. 

After consulting with my husband, I decided to try cannabis. It was the first thing that made a difference for me. 

We made the decision within a week to move from our home to Oregon, where I could legally have access to cannabis and give myself the best chance to heal.  I jumped in headfirst to learn all the things I could about cannabis. 

What are you fantastic at as a Cannabis Educator? What’s your special sauce?  

I have a unique perspective to offer to clients. I have worked in drug and alcohol counseling and within the ever-expanding cannabis world. 

I love talking about cannabis science and can help make it easy to understand. Plus, I can relate to your pain and the desire to find something that will make your life more manageable.   

Tell us about your best offering. 

I offer one on one and group education. Let me help walk you through the science of Cannabis and how it can help your body, mind, and spirit. 

Who are the people who benefit most from your educational services?

I love working with businesses, doctors, educators, and all those that want to learn the science and gifts of cannabis to help others. I also work with anyone that is drawn to me. 

A word from Melanie

  • If you are ready to truly know how cannabis can help you and your family or loved ones… 
  • If you are ready to open yourself to using the gifts that mother nature put into this beautiful plant…
  • If you want to undo years of prohibition conditioning and learn the real science of cannabis…

…then please contact me at [email protected] 

Is it time for YOU to be a Cannabis Educator? 

Learn how to get paid to talk and write about cannabis in our free class, Cannabis Careers 101.

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