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CCI Grad Profile: Kirstie – Cannabis Coach and Networker Extraordinaire

Meet Kirstie Chadsey

Certified: Cannabis Coach

Graduated:  October 2021

Location: San Fransisco Bay Area, California

Background and Qualifications:

My background is in upper management and sales. I’m a team leader, and developing people with my excellent communication skills has been a highlight of my work life.

I have owned and operated two small businesses and have worked for large international corporations as well as small businesses (which is where my heart lives).

Why are you a Cannabis Coach? 

I want to help the world understand the truth about this medicinal plant!!

The bullshit stigma that is attached to this plant kept me from her magic for my first 40 years … and man, could I have used her!

I want to do what I can with my big mouth and help others that are not living their best lives and not understanding the MANY benefits of cannabis.

How has cannabis impacted your life?

Cannabis has changed my life in every way!

I became a medical cannabis user 10 years ago, allowing me to go off copious amounts of prescription meds, putting me in my best physical, mental, and emotional health ever … at fabulous 53!

I love taking her, growing her, and everything about her, lol.

What are you fantastic at as a coach? What’s your special sauce?

My ability to connect with people and encourage them!

I love to be the best ‘hype’ person I can be for those I love and support. We all need that, we all thrive with love and genuine support.

Tell us about your best offering. 

W.E.C.A.N. My Online Networking Community for Cannabis Coaches and Educators is my main focus.

I have built this incredible space for us to all continue to support and encourage each other so no one feels alone in their businesses. We offer regular meetings that include presentations from our members as well as open discussions, social events, a robust online community, a private YouTube channel, and other goodness.

Have you found your Cannabis Tribe yet? Email me at [email protected].

Share a W.E.C.A.N. testimonial.

“WECAN is one of the most supportive, inspiring, and stimulating communities that I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of!

Kirstie Chadsey, our networking guru, is a master motivator, prompter, and promoter of the need for community and support in our fast-growing Cannabis Coaching industry, and she provides us with this platform where we can connect, support, uplift, and encourage each other on our missions to bring the knowledge of this wonderful plant medicine to our own communities.

It may take some time to undo the 100 years of stigma that Cannabis prohibition created, but I know that together, We Can!”

– Jay Jay

Is it time for YOU to be a Cannabis Coach? 

Learn more about how to get paid to write and talk about cannabis in this free class, Cannabis Careers 101!

cannabis jobs

You can see that Cannabis Coaches get to design their own ideal job. What would you do? Let me know in the comments below. We answer them all!

With love,



Andrea Meharg

Andrea Meharg is a Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator and the founder and CEO of Reveal Cannabis, a cannabis coaching and education agency. Andrea holds a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish and a Bachelor of Education. She's the head Cannabis Science Educator at CCI and loves nerding out!View Author posts

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