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CCI Grad Profile: Candy chose cannabis to help with her MS. Now she’s found her voice and her joy.

Meet Candy Dinsmore-Bekaan

Certified: Cannabis Coach

Graduated:  September 2021

Location: Ontario, Canada

Background and Qualifications: I have been a Holistic Practitioner (Reiki, Reflexology, massage, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing Therapy, etc.) for 21 years, working one-on-one with clients for the majority of that time.

Adding Cannabis to my toolbox was my favorite next step!

I’ve been a musician/singer/songwriter for most of my life, but in the past two years I started to share my music, my voice, and my story. Sharing my voice led me to start my podcast Pages Of A Story where I interview guests from all walks of life, celebrating their unique stories and experiences.

I support and hold space for many Cannabis Coaches and Educators on this platform.

Why did you train as a Cannabis Coach? 

After being diagnosed with the same disease that eventually took my mother’s life, I needed something to help with my MS symptoms, my intense grief (from losing both of my parents), and the complete shift in my life from being a caregiver to my parents for 20+ years to becoming even more lost and confused in my world.

I introduced Cannabis into my life and instantly felt so much relief. It was something that changed the way I saw the world and myself and allowed me to explore what else was possible.

I was fortunate enough to meet Andrea while she was doing a workshop I attended in my town, and the information she shared changed everything. I became a Coach because after learning what I learned, there was no other choice. This was exactly where I was meant to be.

Why did you join the Cannabis Coaching Institute?

I was hurting, lost, and grieving. I was newly diagnosed with MS and worried about my future. Being a mom to a young child, I needed more support and help.

I was so excited to attend the Cannabis Coaching Institute, to be able to help myself and my family, my friends and others in the community and to work with the clients that I had helped to support all these years with other treatments.

If you’re wondering if CCI is right for you, I would tell you to trust your intuition. Does this feel like the place you’re meant to be? Is this in alignment with what you want in your life?

I felt that. I knew I was meant to be a student at CCI. I ended up leaving with so much more than what I expected – education, hope, growth, and some of the best friends I could ask for.

Tell us about your experience as a CCI student.

My experience through CCI brought me much gratitude for the lessons offered and the community that I was able to connect with.

The mindset work along with the Cannabis education, was something that shifted my world in such a way that it was a catalyst to my new direction in life.

I sought help for my binge eating disorder and started to share my voice and my story because of the work that I did at CCI.

I finally allowed myself to call myself a musician, a singer, and a songwriter. Titles that I have been for so very long but never felt comfortable enough in my own skin to say out loud. I am grateful.

And now, I get to hold space for others who are sharing their stories, vulnerabilities, and strengths.

What are you doing professionally?

I was super excited to be a Cannabis Coach alongside my Holistic Healing treatments.

Something shifted in the past year and made me realize that I no longer wanted to work one-on-one with clients in the same capacity that I had been doing for so long.

Because of that, I decided to retire from Coaching (I “coach in the wild” all the time, though!), and I use the knowledge that I received in everything that I do.

I changed directions into something that filled me with so much joy. Podcasting, music, creating and spending the most time that I can with my awesome kid.

I host the podcast Pages Of A Story where I interview guests from all walks of life, sharing their stories and the beautiful work that they do.

One of my guests, Jay Jay, said: “My grandmother always used to say that our lives are like a book. Each of us is a page in a story that is still being written. The Pages of a Story Podcast reminds me of her words and illuminates her wisdom that all our individual stories connect us in this great book of life we live.”

If you would like to be a guest, you can contact me here.

Is it time for YOU to be a Cannabis Coach? 

See if our program is right for you here and then book a call to talk to a faculty member.

You can see that Cannabis Coaches get to design their own ideal job. What would you do? Let me know in the comments below. We answer them all!

With love,



Andrea Meharg

Andrea Meharg is a Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator and the founder and CEO of Reveal Cannabis, a cannabis coaching and education agency. Andrea holds a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish and a Bachelor of Education. She's the head Cannabis Science Educator at CCI and loves nerding out!View Author posts

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