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CCI Grad Profile: Anna used her certification to further her career goals.

Meet Anna Rivera

Certified: Cannabis Coach

Graduated:  August 2020

Location: West New York NJ

Background and Qualifications:

I have industry experience in cannabis research, cannabis education, helping patients and customers as a budtender, and I was a Teacher’s Aide/Executive Assistant at the Minority Cannabis Academy.

I am also a graduate student at Thomas Jefferson University, studying for my M.S. in Medical Cannabis, Science & Business.

Lastly, I am a psychedelic research apprentice and just joined Minorities for Medical Cannabis as Executive Assistant, where I manage communications and provide administrative support to the NJ State Directors.

Why are you a Cannabis Coach? 

My “why” is because I’m a healer.

I grew up with plant medicine and have recipes passed down from my grandmother and mother. It was only natural for me to explore cannabis, and it’s been a lovely experience educating people about this wonderful plant!

Where were you before you started with the Cannabis Coaching Institute?

My knowledge was very minimal. I didn’t even know that kief was the powder that accumulated in grinders lol. I had such a wonderful experience at the Cannabis Coaching Institute that I was hungry to learn more, so I decided to pursue my Master’s in cannabis!

I joined CCI because I transitioned careers during the pandemic and needed knowledge, especially since I founded a CBD business. I did lots of research and chose CCI because Corrine was so open about her experience, and I appreciated her openness.

Regarding my hopes and dreams, I aim to make a big difference in social equity and research. I am all about helping others in this industry.

Tell us about your experience as a CCI student.

I looked forward to every single lesson!

The information was easy to understand because of the teaching methods, and including Nikki with her beautiful energy just took it to another level!

Also, the video calls were phenomenal, and I can admit I got teary-eyed a few times! My transformational moments were those opportunities that we had to engage with the staff and students. That sense of community made this program very special.

What can you do now that you’re a Certified Cannabis Coach that you couldn’t do before?

Now that I’m certified, I have had the opportunity to educate others, even in casual conversations.

I worked at a dispensary for a year, and I was one of the go-to persons for education. I was so shocked to see how little dispensary workers knew about the healing properties of cannabis.

I can now speak confidently and leave others with ‘golden nuggets’ of useful information. I was a teacher’s aide at a non-profit cannabis school and I don’t think I would’ve gotten that opportunity without CCI, which gave way to the opportunity to work at a dispensary.

So CCI opened up opportunities that weren’t available for me before.

Tell us about your best offering. 

I offer free mini consultations with any purchase. I know people are still hesitant about cannabis, and I’m happy to help clear any doubts. Reach out at the Green Annalist.

Share a client success story.

My first client was someone that had a rare breast cancer. It was a learning experience for both of us and quite an emotional journey! With my help and her doctors, she is now cancer free!

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about joining the Cannabis Coaching Institute?

DO IT! You will be part of a beautiful and supportive community that WANTS to be there for you even after you graduate.

Is it time for YOU to be a Cannabis Coach? 

Learn more about how to get paid to write and talk about cannabis in this free class, Cannabis Careers 101!

cannabis jobs

You can see that Cannabis Coaches get to design their own ideal job. What would you do? Let me know in the comments below. We answer them all!

With love,



Andrea Meharg

Andrea Meharg is a Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator and the founder and CEO of Reveal Cannabis, a cannabis coaching and education agency. Andrea holds a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish and a Bachelor of Education. She's the head Cannabis Science Educator at CCI and loves nerding out!View Author posts

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