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What are the Best Cannabis Jobs in Canada in 2023?

Canada fully legalized cannabis in 2018, and as the plant has become more accepted in Canada, there are an increasing variety of cannabis jobs available. Now that the initial hiccups are behind us, it’s the best time to get involved in this new industry. But how do you know where to start?

From teaching and growing to retail and sales, many paths can lead to a successful career. In this post, let’s take a look at how the pros and cons of five different cannabis jobs in Canada.

What is the Best Cannabis Job in Canada?

  1. Cannabis Educator — The Best of the Best
  2. Dispensary Jobs – The Best Cannabis Jobs for Extroverts
  3. Cannabis Growing – The Best Cannabis Jobs for Plant People
  4. Medical Cannabis Jobs in Canada – Best for Healthcare Practitioners
  5. Cannabis Sales Representatives – Best for Natural Salespeople
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1. Cannabis Educator – The Best of the Best

Cannabis Educators are responsible for sharing science-backed, stigma-busting cannabis information with the general public. Because cannabis educators create their own perfect side hustles, you can find them:

  • Putting on profitable workshops, 
  • Writing books or articles, 
  • Launching podcasts or YouTube channels, 
  • Or starting a freelance career in the cannabis industry

Becoming a certified Cannabis Educator is the most rewarding career in this space for numerous reasons.

  1. The whole country needs more accurate, science-backed information about cannabis, but it’s hard to find. An abundance of misinformation, lies, and propaganda has made it harder for the truth to be found on the internet. It takes knowledgeable and passionate educators to help shift the public opinion of cannabis in a more positive direction.
  2. You can create your own job that suits your interests and passions. Cannabis Educators have many opportunities available – from running workshops and clubs, writing books, creating vibrant YouTube channels, hosting podcasts, teaching at colleges or universities, and more. Your individual skillset, combined with your enthusiasm for cannabis, can make an enormous impact in this industry.
  3. This cannabis job also provides flexible hours so you can fit your job around your family commitments. This makes cannabis education an ideal career option for mothers who want to provide both income and care for their children. Additionally – as you’re essentially self-employed – you’ll have more freedom when it comes to where and when you work. 
  4. You get to avoid “corporate cannabis.” As you read about some of the other cannabis jobs in Canada, you’ll see that many of them aren’t managed by people who love the plant first. Most of this industry is focused on profits, not people, and it can be really hard to wake up every day to go to work.

Pros of becoming a Cannabis Educator:

Becoming a Cannabis Educator offers a great opportunity to enter the industry without the same risks associated with other jobs in the sector, such as unstable wages and a laser focus on making money rather than helping people. 

In addition, you can complete certification in only three months, allowing you to start your career as an educator quickly.

Cons of becoming a Cannabis Educator:

You might start noticing eye rolls at parties if you can’t stop gushing about the benefits of cannabis.

You can read more about what exactly a Cannabis Educator does here.

2. Dispensary Jobs In Canada – The Best Cannabis Jobs for Extroverts

Working as a cannabis dispensary agent (aka budtender) is a great way to engage with others and share your knowledge of cannabis. 

As a budtender, you will be responsible for providing customers with helpful advice on their purchases and answering any questions they may have about the products sold in the dispensary.

And hopefully, you’ll also get the chance to learn more about cannabis, from its unique strains and compounds to its various effects and health benefits.  

Pros of becoming a budtender:

As a budtender, you have constant knowledge about the newest products, you can build relationships with your customers, and budtenders sometimes get exclusive discounts on products 

Cons of becoming a budtender:

Working as a budtender can be a challenging job. Unfortunately, inadequate training and underpaid wages often characterize the experience, leaving many feeling as if dispensaries are focused more on profits rather than people and plant-based remedies.

Where to Find Dispensary Jobs

The best way to land a dispensary job is to spend some time at shops near you that you like. Each dispensary has its own special sauce, and you’ll want to ensure that you’ll like the place first.

Drop by with your resume and a smile. In most cases, you don’t need previous experience to work as a budtender, but a fantastic attitude goes a long way. 

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3. Cannabis Growing – The Best Cannabis Jobs for Plant People

If you’ve never grown your own cannabis, you’re missing out on a magical process. In just a matter of months, you go from a tiny seedling to a massive, medicine-filled plant, and it’s awe-inspiring.

Growing cannabis requires a deep understanding of horticulture, as well as the ability to create and maintain an ideal environment for the plants’ growth. Growers must also have the skill set to promptly identify and resolve any issues that might arise during cultivation.

Pros of Cannabis Growing

Growing cannabis is an incredibly rewarding experience that can help you build a strong bond with the plants. You’ll get to observe their progress and be rewarded with medicine at the end. 

For those who prefer to work independently, cultivating cannabis can be a great outlet.

Cons of Cannabis Growing

The downside to this job is that it takes a lot of physical labor. From staking the plants while they grow to trimming them post-harvest, it can be time-consuming and exhausting. 

Plus, all that work is usually not rewarded with good pay – which means most people don’t stay in this position for their whole careers.

Where to Find Cannabis Growing Jobs

First, check this list to see if there are any licensed producers near you so you know where to start. Indeed is an excellent job search engine that lists cannabis-growing jobs. 

4. Medical Cannabis Jobs in Canada – Best for Healthcare Practitioners

Canada has had a medical cannabis program since 2001, so this particular sector of the industry is further advanced than the recreational side. Medical cannabis jobs are ideal for individuals with a strong knowledge of both medical and cannabis science. These roles require an in-depth understanding of the plant and its medicinal properties. 

There are research positions with universities and laboratories and patient care roles like cannabis-specific doctors, pharmacists, and nurses. Some of our Cannabis Coaching Institute students add cannabis to their existing healthcare offerings.

Pros of Medical Cannabis Jobs

Those who enter this field can often see the difference they’re making in their patient’s eyes. 

Medical cannabis professionals are few and far between so there is also a lot of opportunity for growth as more and more people consider cannabis to alleviate symptoms associated with serious health conditions such as depression or chronic pain.

Cons of Medical Cannabis Jobs

There are a few potential cons as well. This industry is heavily regulated by government bodies which means it comes with more than its fair share of paperwork. 

Plus, it’s important to mention that the stigma around cannabis use still persists widely, especially in the medical community. 

Where to Find Medical Cannabis Jobs

Indeed is an excellent job search engine that lists medical cannabis jobs. Another great place to look is LinkedIn. Many cannabis companies have a presence on this social platform, even if you can’t find them elsewhere. 

5. Cannabis Sales Representatives – Best for Natural Salespeople

If you love talking to people about cannabis, this might be the right job for you. 

Sales reps are responsible for selling their brand’s cannabis products to the dispensaries or outlets in their region. They often get to meet with the general public and explain why their products are unique.

Pros of becoming a Cannabis Sales Representative

Depending on the company, these cannabis jobs often include advancement opportunities, competitive salaries, and great potential for growth if you’ve got that salesperson magic!

Cons of becoming a Cannabis Sales Representative

Just like other salespeople, you’re on the road a lot. While that’s great for seeing our beautiful country, it’s not ideal for those with a family. Plus, it can take time to break into the more lucrative regions in each sales territory.   

The Bottom Line

To recap, we think the best cannabis job in Canada is the Cannabis Educator because it’s flexible, you can design a job to suit your strengths and you can avoid “working for the man.”

Learn more about how to get paid to write and talk about cannabis in our free class, Cannabis Careers 101.

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