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A Day in the Life of a Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator

If you’ve read our recent posts on what it means to become a Certified Cannabis & Health Coach and/or a Certified Cannabis Educator, you have a good sense of what those certifications are, why they are awesome, and the details of the CCI curriculum. 

But what does a Certified Cannabis and Health Coach actually DO on a given day? 

That’s what we’re going to dive deep into today, a day in the life of a Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator, using yours truly as an example.

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Is there a “typical” day as a Cannabis Coach?

One of the most beautiful things about being a Certified Cannabis and Health Coach and Educator is being my own boss. That includes the privilege and responsibility of creating my own daily/weekly/monthly schedule. And that means that every day is a little different. Although that can be challenging, it’s far better than the painful monotony that office life used to serve up cold each morning. 

Not only that, being a Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator as a career is itself a fairly new thing. And that means that there are no hard-and-fast rules or cookie-cutter outlines that I need to fit into. I get to mold the job, my approach, and my offerings to fit my particular vision of what Cannabis Coach means.

So even though each day is a little different, and I’m creating this path as I go, I’m going to walk you through what a typical day can be like:

Let the Day Begin: Keeping up with the Industry

I walk into my home office and set down a steaming cup of dark french roast coffee on my desk, which is now replete with dual monitors and a cache of crystals, framed art, and other small treasures that spark joy in my workspace. Making my desk feel like “me” was really important when I switched careers from stressed-out attorney to aligned Cannabis Coach. My workspace now makes me feel calm and supported and is truly a place I want to be each morning. 

My first stop each morning is to catch up on my cannabis industry news, a ritual I truly love. The industry is moving at “ludicrous speed” (Spaceballs reference, not Tesla) so it is imperative to check in daily on what’s happening. 

As a Cannabis Coach, it’s important (and fun!) to track things like business happenings, cultural events, new gadgets, trends in consumption, and think pieces on the social equity issues deeply tied to the industry. This was my ritual even before I became a Cannabis Coach because I am genuinely interested in all things cannabis, but now it’s actually part of my job to stay on top of it! 

Tom Angell’s “Marijuana Moment” daily newsletter tops my list. This indispensable resource tracks every piece of cannabis legislation at the federal, state, municipal, and international levels. States are legalizing cannabis ALL.THE.TIME and, in addition, existing regulations are being tweaked and revised as states learn more about what works and what doesn’t (e.g., packaging, tracking, meaningful social equity licenses, consumer limits, it’s complex). 

I also regularly read High Times, Ganjaprenuer, MJBizDaily, and Cannabis Business Times as part of my morning catchup, either through their daily newsletters or the articles they post on their social media channels. I often also do a quick Instagram scroll looking for cannabis news, Veriheal’s IG does great bite-sized video updates on the latest happenings.

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Quick, the boss is coming! (or, how I stay organized and on task when the boss is me!)

Now that I’ve caught up on the industry, I start on my daily work in earnest. 

One seismic shift from being an employee to being your own boss as a Cannabis Coach is that no one is assigning you to work in a structured way. You have to create your priorities and work list yourself. 

My personal work rhythm is that I’m the most productive and creative first thing in the morning. Given that, I try to structure my day by doing creative work, like writing blog posts or making content of any kind in the first three hours of the day. I reserve task-based administrative work for the afternoon when my brain is less active and more apt to do click-around type work. 

Morning Flow: Content Creation Time

I currently have the honor and privilege of guest blogging right here for my venerable cannabis alma mater, the Cannabis Coaching Institute (CCI), with a new post coming out each Sunday. That frequency means there is always something to do on one of the posts I have in progress, whether that is writing or refining the draft, finding images that suit the post, or doing back-end work to finalize the post. 

The other content I’m currently working on is cannabis education for a few retail cannabis brands that I love and use. It has been a mind-blowing opportunity to go from product fan to product educator, which could only happen after getting my cannabis certifications from CCI. It was only through aligning myself with this new career that I am truly passionate about and getting the certifications I needed from CCI that the best opportunities have transpired.

I usually get some direction from the brand, but in large part, it’s up to my artistic license to create the content. I come up with the concept, the location, the items, the color scheme, and the perspective of the shot or video, adjusting everything just so. My equipment is modest, but with just my trusty tripod light ring, newish iPhone, and remote shutter (crucial!), I’m getting it done. 

Creating this kind of content brings together my love of cannabis education with my creative instincts and is deeply satisfying in a way my former career could never have been. 

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, check out our new FREE class, Cannabis Careers 101 – How to Get Paid to Talk and Write about Cannabis. In under an hour, you’ll get an overview of the possibilities that are out there in the Cannabis Education world.

Another aspect I love about creating (and consuming) cannabis educational content is that, little by little, we are changing the narrative around cannabis. Each day we’re seeing more people from all walks of life come out of the cannabis closet. The more we tell our stories, the more we can teach people about the gentle, natural approach to using cannabis, the more quickly and broadly it is becoming socially accepted. 

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Switching Gears: Cannabis Coaching

At some point in the morning, I take off my cannabis education content creator hat and put on my Certified Cannabis and Health Coach hat. As a Cannabis Coach, I offer a modified 2-session coaching package that aims to help people find the right CBD and THC products for their bodies and their goals in using cannabis. 

My offering is structured so that your first session is an intake and basic cannabis education, where we explore your goals in using cannabis, what you’ve used in the past, what’s worked and what hasn’t. Using the information from that session, I write up a Personal Cannabis Guide that outlines my recommendations. In the second session, we walk through the guide in detail so that you walk away confident in your plan. 

So on a given day, I could be busy with any one of those phases in the offering, from meeting in a session over Zoom to researching and drafting the Personal Cannabis Guide. The first session, where I get the opportunity to expose someone to the wonders of cannabis for the first time, is especially fun for me.  

My Personal Cannabis Consultation clients have been so interested, honest, and open. They’re putting a lot of trust in me to create their cannabis recommendations. Many of them are trying cannabis for the first time (even CBD) and are fighting years’ worth of prohibition stigma against the plant. It’s incredibly rewarding for me to be the one who opens their minds to the plant that I want so deeply for people to understand and love. It is definitely one of the most impactful parts of my day. 

It’s even MORE gratifying to see my coaching clients’ health transformations after implementing their plans! Every single one of my clients has reported feeling better with cannabis (!!). This may mean using CBD drops daily for their anxiety, a CBD topical for their arthritis, or THC edibles in place of alcohol in the evenings. 

Gradually clients are understanding what a gentle yet effective medicine cannabis is, and it is an honor to help them on their journeys.

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Break Time!

After putting in a super-focused 3-4 hours, I go outside and take a walk. This is one of the best things I do for myself all day. It’s both my physical health break and my mental health break; a chance to allow me to step away from screens, get sunshine, fresh air, and a change of scenery. I clear my head from the whirring of the day’s tasks, and I always come back refreshed and ready for the next part of the day. 

Walking also tends to open me up to receiving inspiration – some of my best ideas of come to me during that time. 

It can be stressful to start a new business – scratch that, it IS stressful to start a new business – and it’s easy to convince ourselves that we shouldn’t take the time for exercise or breaks of any kind. But the reality is those breaks are what rebuild and rejuvenate us, and allow us to be ready to put in the work that the job requires. They are a necessary part of the day. 

After my life-giving walk and lunch, I get back to my desk and back to it.

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One of CCI’s greatest strengths is its community of Cannabis Coach and Educator graduates. CCI is extremely invested in maintaining a robust, active Grad community. At any given moment, there are CCI graduates connecting, sharing resources, sharing their offerings, and supporting each other. We also have official Monthly Grad Calls hosted by CCI staff, where grads check-in, share our wins, and support each other. 

CCI Grads love communing so much that a few offshoot groups of grads working together have organically sprouted up! This is a major testament to the collaborative culture of Cannabis Coaches. I am a proud member of one of those groups, Women Empowered Cannabis Advocates Network (W.E.C.A.N.), which offers two weekly networking meetings created and run by fellow Cannabis Coach and CCI grad and networking natural Kirstie Chadsey. 

Because Cannabis Coaching as a profession is so new, it is IMMENSELY helpful to have a network of other Cannabis Coaches and Educators to share experiences and ideas. At a given WECAN meeting, we might be discussing finding a cannabis-friendly payment processor, pricing our offerings, noodling new concepts, or simply providing support and encouragement as we each try new things.

Growing the Business

To switch gears to afternoon downtime, I’ll spend a little time on my social media channels. I just started my Your Kush Coach IG account within the past few months, but I’ve already made some stellar industry contacts and have interesting opportunities pop up. 

I may also use my afternoon to work on my marketing efforts to raise awareness about my business and services. That includes creating social media content for my Your Kush Coach channels on Canva, drafting my newsletter, and sometimes doing backend work like tweaking my website or adjusting my scheduling software. 

Working from my home office also allows me to put the time in at my “other” full-time job, mother of two elementary-aged children, and co-runner of a household. I can seamlessly weave in just enough house maintenance to keep us afloat all week so that the weekends aren’t one giant chore-fest. The balance that working from home brings compared to when I worked in an office is priceless and another thing I very much value about being a Cannabis Coach.

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End Of Day: Knowing when to stop 

Just as being your own boss means setting your own schedule, it also means you need to know when to stop. That can be challenging – scratch that, it IS challenging – when you’ve just started your own business and your to-do list is legitimately months long. 

But I am also learning to give myself grace, to tune into my body and mind, and to honor my natural rhythms. 

There comes a point for all of us in a given workday where having your butt in the chair for another hour doesn’t equal more productivity. The 9-to-5 office life presumes that every single hour of the workweek is supposed to be equally productive, but we all know human beings don’t really function that way. 

So when I start to feel like I’ve hit that wall, I first get up, stretch, walk around the house a little bit to clear my head, and check in with myself on what kind of day I had. I’ll review my to-do list, and if I have the gumption, I’ll check off a couple more items. If not, I’ll call it a day.

What I’ve come to understand is that either way is fine: the key is listening to myself, being satisfied that I gave what I could, and recognizing that every day will be different. 

With that, my day in my life as a Certified Cannabis and Health Coach is a wrap! 

I hope this helped you envision one version of what it can mean to run a business as a Certified Cannabis and Health Coach. 

But also know that there are SO. MANY. CCI grads doing a variety of fascinating, valuable work that we could have as many different day-in-the-life posts as we have grads (and maybe someday we will be sharing yours!!) Check out the Cannabis Coaching Institute and its programs here.

Until next time, much love.



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